About the Groomer

Kayla - owner and Professional Pet Stylist

There has never been a time in Kayla's life where there was not a dog by her side. Upon her mom bringing her home from the hospital, the first thing she did was lay her down next to her Border Collie, Loba - who would be the first of very many dogs to bless her life. She started training at an early age & won her first competition with her later dog, Lobo, another border collie. They won a talent competition when Kayla was only in middle school doing tricks from playing dead to agility. Kayla continued on training dogs all throughout her life. It was not until around 16 when she started grooming. Raking out undercoats & bathing was how she started to learn different coat textures, patterns, etc.

At 18 she said goodbye to her four legged best friend & joined the United States Marine Corps - where she served honorably for five years and completed a tour in Afghanistan. In her free time on the weekends when she was not deployed or training, she would train dogs, groom dogs & hang out with her horse - Quixote.

In 2015, Kayla was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, and moved to Austin, TX. She attended a lot of grooming courses, and had more hands on training & mentors from more experienced groomers. While Kayla had already a good amount of experience under her belt already, she wanted to learn more breed standard cuts. In Austin, she helped start up the grooming platform on Rover, which provided on demand in home grooming for clients similar to how you would book a walk, house sitting or drop in visit. After building a significant clientele, she decided to start "Kayla's Pretty Paws". It was not long before she had over 100s of clients she provided in home mobile grooming for. In 2019, she said her goodbyes & thank you's to Austin, TX and decided to continue on her grooming adventures back home in Hamilton, New Jersey - where her family still resides.

When the pandemic hit, she decided to continue grooming & offered curbside pick up and drop off. She wanted to give back to the community and provided all of her grooming services at a 20% or more discount. The support was overwhelming & Kayla preformed over 7K worth of dog grooming in the second month of the pandemic to families in need. Majority of clients were so happy, they continued to come back even after Petco, Petsmart & other shops opened up. They stated things such as they loved how their dog(s) went in tails wagging & came back just as happy.

In Kayla's free time, she donates her dog training services to Disabled Veterans in need, helping them train their dogs to service them & pass the testing needed to be a qualified service animal. She also enjoys training Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, MMA, Wrestling, Sambo & Judo. She has a passion for running, swimming & taking care of her family. She has two beautiful girls, Mary & Isabella who also love animals.

Kayla absolutely has a passion for what she does and has been grooming/handling dogs for 12 years now, with no end in sight. She really does give personal time and attention to each dog that visits her - from start to finish. She knows how important the furry members of the family are & treats your dogs, like her own.

Jorge - Owner & Professional Pet Bather

Jorge has always had a love for animals - especially dogs. His favorite breeds are Pitbull's & Bulldogs. Jorge was born & raised in Texas. He spent most of his early childhood in Brownsville, a small town in Texas before spending his later years in Austin. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps immediately after 9/11 as an infantrymen. He served five combat tours between Iraq and Afghanistan as a squad leader for his team. Jorge is a Purple Heart recipient as well as a Navy Marine Corps Achievement with Combat Valor recipient.

After his time in the Marine Corps he met Kayla while she was nearing the end of her time in service. Together they have created their business & live to care for animals. While their business was growing, Jorge was a surgical technician at an animal hospital & helped assist many surgeries that saved a lot of animal lives. He truly has a passion for helping others & greatly enjoys working with animals.

Currently, Jorge does majority of the prep work for your furry companions such as bathing, deshedding, blow drying, brushing, teeth brushing, nail trimming & is currently learning how to complete a full groom. He his currently working towards becoming a Pet Stylist as well.

In Jorge's free time he volunteers & teaches children's self defense classes at MPR Endurance MMA located in Langhorne, PA. He is a Purple belt in Jiu Jitsu & enjoys studying a wide variety of Martial Arts.

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